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Saturday Morning Science is free and open to
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coffee and bagelsBagels, donuts, coffee, and juice are served before the talks, so come early. Talks start at 10:30 a.m. Doors open and refreshments are available about a half-hour beforehand.
Seating is limited to 250.

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Winter 2015

Talks take place on Saturdays from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. in Monsanto Auditorium, Bond Life Sciences Center, Corner of Rollins Road and College Avenue.

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February 21
Living and Working with Rare Diseases
Linh Ngo and Madeline Miller, Genetics Area Program

The end of February marks Rare Disease Day, and this year's focus is on "Living with a Rare Disease." Linh Ngo will describe her experiences with Marfan's Syndrome and Madeline Miller will discuss advances in research for a cure for Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

April 4
Early agriculture in the Americas
Deborah M. Pearsall, Professor of archaeology

Plant domestication began nearly 10,000 years ago, in the tropical lowlands of the Central and South America. Come hear what archaeology and paleoethnobotany (the study of of ancient plant remains) can tell us about the crops and agricultural practices of Native Peoples in the Americas.

April 11
At the dawn of the animal life: Exceptional views of an exceptional evolutionary story
Jim Schiffbauer, Asst. Professor of Geological Sciences

Our earliest animal ancestors lived nearly 600 million years ago; in the geological blink of an eye, they evolved to representatives of nearly every major animal group known today. We???ll talk about how and why this incredible event occurred and more.

April 18
Plants "hear" the darndest things
Heidi Appel and Rex Cocroft

Even without ears, plants experience an incredible world of vibrations. We will explore the strange universe of plant-borne vibrations, and talk about new research showing that plants pay attention to the crunching of hungry caterpillars.

April 25
The trouble with color
Jim van Dyke, Associate Professor of Art History

Color is everywhere in our world, informs our sense of everything. Yet it is at the same time something elusive, mysterious, and even sometimes maligned. This lecture will explore why this has been so, and discuss how color has been understood by artists and scientists since Isaac Newton.

May 2
Surrounded by sound: hearing and learning through cochlear implants
Mary Fagan, Assistant Professor

Cochlear implant technology has revolutionized auditory learning for infants with profound hearing loss. Exciting learning and behavioral changes reveal how infants respond to cochlear implants and where the field of auditory prosthetics may focus next.

May 9
The beginning of the rest of your lives
Laura Schulz, Associate Professor of Ob-Gyn

The environment we are exposed to in the womb shapes our health, even as adults. Learn about efforts to understand how maternal conditions can affect things like obesity and cardiovascular health decades later.

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