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"Saturday Morning Science helps demystify science for the public by talking about it in relationship to things that are relevant to people who care about their communities and their world."

—Bruce McClure

Saturday Morning Science in the News

Rise and Shine for Science: Saturday Morning Science at the University of Missouri is showing that science is for everyone
by Melody Kroll
August 20, 2012

MU Professor: advances in stem cell research could be answer to some objections
by Mike Lear
October 4, 2011

Researcher illuminates tale of Neanderthals
by Jacob Barker
Columbia Tribune
September 18, 2011

Zodiac talk opens MU science series
Columbia Daily Tribune
September 4, 2011

Cicadas win scientific spotlight at MU
by Rudi Keller
Columbia Daily Tribune
June 5, 2011

Monsanto donates money for MU lecture series
by Dana Kimpton
Columbia Missourian
February 15, 2010

Fostering everyday engineering education
by Vicki Hodder
Mizzou Engineering
January 1, 2009

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